Lynda provided very professional work and was easy to collaborate with. Her turn-time is very fast and the process was smooth. Her voice is going to bring our project to the professional level we're reaching for. Thank you again!
- Beau Nordby - Orange Ball Creative
"Lynda is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. She is communicative, fast and a team player. I hope to have more projects we can work on together. Thanks Lynda!"
- David Pestka - Running With Elephants LLC
Lynda hit a home run, scored a touchdown and slam dunked our last job - we couldn't be more appreciative! She handled a tight turn-around, very technical script and several change requests with aplomb. Made our client happy and us look good. What more could a producer ask? We'll be working together again, guaranteed!
- Chris Woodley - Ramblin Jackson, Inc.


“Exceptional talent, yet very humble and patient to work with. We highly recommend working with her!”
– Sparkhouse Inc.

“Lynda provided exactly what we were looking for in a vocal talent. I highly recommend her for your future projects!”
– Richard Honeycutt

“Lynda was fantastic to work with! She has great communication and turnaround and REALLY helped us out in a last minute pinch!”
– Kevin Arriola –

“Lynda is great to work with, patient with direction, and always delivers a great read!”
– Jeff Huston – Steelehouse Productions

“We found EXACTLY the voice we were looking for in Lynda. Not only is she a first rate talent, but allot of fun and a pleasure to work with. Looking forward to future projects!”
– Amanda Aschinger – Solstice Productions


I began honing my performance skills at the age of 6, turning an early love of dance into a career as a figure skater. Competing in National competitions, and later skating professionally in “Walt Disney’s Wonderful World On Ice” performing as Various Disney characters.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, and surrounded by the entertainment industry, I began acting in commercials, Television, and Film, and training at the Lee Strasberg Institute while still in high school.

As Communication has always been a drawing force in my life, I attended UCLA and studied....what else... Communications! After college I worked as a reporter doing Segments for a small local Television news station reporting on human Interest stories.

I first became intrigued by the magic and eccentric power of the female voice when, as a child, a “Bandini Fertilizer” commercial captured my imagination. I was intrigued by how this Sultry, Sophisticated, flirty voice could make that Fertilizer sound so appealing! I was also mesmerized and inspired by the Compelling storytelling of the narrators in the many documentaries I watched. And fantasized about someday traveling the world making my own documentaries and Narrating them. And thus began my long and circuitous path toward a career in voiceover!

After working for many years as an actress on stage and screen, I realized that effectively communicating a message, and telling a story through the spoken word was the essence of my real passion. And began studying the craft of Voiceover through a variety of specialized classes and with the best Coach’s I could find. Which have given me the tools and skills to interpret and service the structures used in all genre’s of Voiceover.

I work out of my professionally designed home studio in Los Angeles. And record everything from Commercials and Narration Projects, to Audiobooks, E-Learning and Web Presentations.

Whether to influence or educate, Entice or seduce, Evoke warmth, Entertain, Reassure or inspire. I will help you tell your unique story and connect with your audience.


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